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Dr Ferdinand, a sheep in wolf’s clothing?


Fri, Nov 16, 2012

Editor: “What in the world is he doing with the NDP?” This is the first question that came to my mind when I heard that Dr Jules Ferdinand was going up for candidacy of the West St George Constituency for the New Democratic Party.{{more}}

I was in total shock. It took me by surprise. I know that he served at the very helm of the ECGC when the NDP was in power, but someone of Dr Jules’ stature is just not compatible with the ideals and practices of the current NDP.

It’s like a sheep amongst a party of wolves: Can he fit in with the “badboyism” of a St Clair Leacock or with the arrogance of a Daniel Cummings? Would Dr Jules as a professed Christian condone the myriad of lies purported every day on talk radio by NDP surrogates – some of which may have led to the party’s key broadcasting medium being in over $2M in lawsuits? Will he be able to withstand internal battles that may arise from time to time within that party?

What if there are those who feel that he has come to take over – would he be able to face up to them? After all, where is Anesia Baptiste today? Was she cast aside because a group of people in the NDP felt that she was trying to take over? I can’t answer any of these questions, but I recalled Mrs Baptiste coming on national television and declaring that she wants to be the first female Prime Minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Furthermore, he is considering contesting the West St George constituency on an NDP ticket; can he beat the incumbent Cecil McKie? This is a very important question for him, in light of the fact that a modern city will be constructed in Arnos Vale after the international airport is completed. In addition, much social and economic transformation is taking place in that area as well – and the people there know that Cecil McKie is working.

Dr Jules Ferdinand is a good man. Shouldn’t he, however, have considered forming his own political party, geared towards moving this country into another stage of our demographic transition and providing our citizens with a viable alternative to the fading ULP? Or shouldn’t he have considered being someone like a Governor General?

NDP stalwarts like Parnel Campbell QC – have, in recent times – seemingly distanced themselves from the present NDP season of politicians and political activists.

Some conservative political pundits have expressed the notion that Dr Jules Ferdinand will bring “sanity” to politics in St Vincent and the Grenadines – but is the NDP the correct – or even workable avenue for him to do so?

Whilst it is not impossible, only time will tell whether he will succumb to the usual NDP code of operation or whether he will take off the wolf’s coat and be the pleasant sheep that he is perceived to be.

A fan of Dr Jules Ferdinand