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ROBDA making worthwhile contribution to North Leeward


Fri, Nov 2, 2012

Editor: The Rose Bank Development Association (ROBDA) continues amidst the challenges to be one of the more active community groups in SVG.{{more}} Without much song and dance, it is making a worthwhile contribution to the development of North Leeward.

On October 27th, Independence Day, it donated some twenty pillows to the Chateaubelair Hospital. This donation was made by its members who saw the need for these pillows. Interestingly, they never got any financial help from anyone or agencies; it is all coming from its members.

It also continued its cleaning of the beaches. On Friday, 26th October, the Cattie beach was cleaned by them. They also donated curtains to the Theodore McKenzie Pre-school at Rose Bank. They continue to make their contribution to the development of the community. If you travel to Rose Bank, you will see some young palm trees planted along the road side; these were the product of the Rose Bank Development Association.

This is without doubt, a very active community group and one that has been able to work together, regardless the colour, creed, political or religious beliefs and support. Rose Bank Development Association (ROBDA) is a tower of strength in the community.

As an organization, they support the refurbishing of the Rose Bank community centre and are looking forward to the completion of the centre. It hopes that a proper, well-balanced committee will be placed in charge of the centre and also that ROBDA would be given an office of its own in the centre.

ROBDA looks forward to continuing its goodwill to residents, where they give food baskets to elderly, unfortunate citizens in the community and also visit the sick and shut-ins in the village. Your prayer and support for this vibrant group is most welcome.

They are indeed a group of persons who have given back to the community and, by extension, to North Leeward, in a caring and unselfish manner. May God continue to bless them abundantly and may they grow from strength to strength, knowing that their labour is not in vain. Thank you.

Kennard King