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My Independence queen

My Independence queen


Fri, Nov 2, 2012

Editor: As St Vincent and the Grenadines celebrated its 33rd anniversary of Independence on October 27, 2012,{{more}} independence spirits were high, as was evident throughout the streets of Kingstown, in particular.

As a Vincentian living overseas, it brought joy to my heart to see the immense level of national pride displayed by many individuals. One person in particular, who identified herself as Frances Thompson, caught my eye as I made my way through Kingstown. I later found that the outfit she was wearing was designed by her and tailored by Kebakjah “Coach” King.

Apparently, her outfit was designed for a friendly in-house competition hosted by her workplace, the General Employees’ Cooperative Credit Union (GECCU). While I am uncertain as to who eventually won that competition, if I were a judge, I would have definitely crowned her the winner.

Thompson sported a suspender pants with all colours of the flag, namely blue, yellow, and green, and accessorized accordingly from head to toe. The outfit, which included a bow tie and a head wrap, was carefully designed, so that regardless of which angle one viewed her from, all three colours would be clearly visible.

I am pleased to see that there are still some of us who love our country and are proud to have come such a long way – from colonialism to independence.

Lynette Scavo