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Marriaqua representative should step aside


Tue, Oct 30, 2012

Editor: I am a Vincentian living in Canada but as a Ptani boy with solid roots in Marriaqua, I still keep tabs on what’s going on in my village.{{more}}

I hate to agree with the sentiments expressed in the letter – “Will ULP be bringing a new candidate for Marriaqua” published in your edition of October 23, but I do. I have nothing but respect for Mrs Miguel, but I have always felt that she was greatly out of her element as a politician. Mespo has shown minimal growth in the 11 years Girlyn Miguel has been in power. That’s more than enough for the meek people of Marriaqua to take notice. As the writer notes, the people of Marriaqua are not very vocal publicly, but 11 years of apathy is enough.

An example of Mrs Miguel’s lack of interest was the fact that my grandmother turned 100 years old last July. This is usually a milestone publicly noted and celebrated by the area’s parliamentary representative.

Mrs Miguel did not see it fit to pay a personal visit to the centenarian to recognize her achievement. After all, this is one of her oldest voters. She also did not deem it necessary to make sure it was mentioned in the media.

I hope Mrs Miguel does the right thing and steps aside for the betterment of her constituents.

Carlos Walcott