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Independence tribute to SVG


by Shanel Jacobs Tue, Oct 30, 2012

The roots of freedom run deep like the blood in the veins of a people united under one flag– three colours, three diamonds– a symbol of national pride. Vincentians who since the year was one are familiar with fighting for this cause we often take for granted.{{more}}

Generationally descended passed down through time traced from our Garifuna ancestors to the 1935 riots and the teachers of the ‘70s…monkey say cool breeze atop La Soufriere watch out for this hot tempered sleeping but active giant be careful not to upset her as she is sometimes grumbling and groaning as if often dissatisfied with our dwindled spirit of patriotism, diligence and ungodliness. I fear that when she’s had enough, out of her pitch black heart will spew forth anger and contempt burning slowly with perplexed emotions of red hot passion, destroying and rebuilding all in her path.

Nevertheless, she stands testament to the fear and struggle of the people especially those who journey up her hills.

Lest we forget, enthralled in Passion’s fruit, romanced by plum’s rose, sunkissed coconut trees swaying in the breeze of this lovely island in the Caribbean Sea. Laying under golden sunsets, I dare not leave her shores- golden apples she gave to me – no diamonds, no mansions but I love her a million.

Erect we stand like the hills even in our lowest valleys with God’s grace we will rise. The cornrows of her hills attest to this cultivation and future harvesting of survival at home or abroad.

My Hairouna, ‘all the things you have to offer is more than my heart’s desire’: Breadfruit, Modongos, Docounas, Mauby, Blackfish and Jackfish to name a few. The diversity of your diverse city cannot be scooped into this one serving- Kingstown whose arched back exudes confidence as she glides past iron men and complex structures – her backstreets meet in the middle as if in a curtsy or a bow gradually intersecting with lowered bays.

This city of exquisite views perched atop Berkshire Hill with its forts- fortress I have found in you land of my birth to which I pledge loyalty and devotion. I am homesick for your love potion whatever to you that might be, to each his own.

Yurumein, You remain- Gem of the Antilles and I long for your whispering echoes of the Vincentian Creole and the waters cascading onto my back- Forget? I vow not to dim my eyes to the dark views of your bitter past and your struggle for Independence. Pacified I am by the prospect of once again breathing your Belair, soaking up your rich culture. Rutland and Peruvian have unveiled my eyes to see the beauty within my own shores – I shall not long for any other than my Hairouna- forever Home to me.

(Shanel is a student at UWI, Cave Hill Barbados)