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Put aside political differences and work together as one


Fri, Oct 26, 2012

EDITOR: As we celebrate 33 years as a nation, there is much to be thankful for, as each prime minister played his part in the development of this country. Putting aside our political difference and thinking as patriotic Vincentians, we would agree that we have developed.{{more}}

Education has improved by leaps and bounds, as against many years ago when only few privileged persons were afforded the opportunity to study; today is not so. The THATCH HOUSES and board houses are things of the past. Today, almost everyone lives in wall houses and houses that are expensive. In almost every home, there is television, with some homes having several.

We no longer light firewood and use candles to give us light. Almost everyone has a cell phone with some having more than one and the list can go on. However, we cannot doubt that we have become more materialistic than before and thus have grown less dependent on God.

The influx of vehicles is another sure sign of the development of this country of ours. Computers and laptops are very popular these days. Many of us in our days never dreamed of seeing one of these, far less to own one, but now technology has grown. Our wealth has grown and our pride as Vincentians has also grown.

There are many persons who contributed over the years to make this country what it is. I would like to single out a special group of people of whom little is spoken and who are hardly recognized and they are the sanitation workers. They would clean the streets and drains very early in the morning. Afterwards, the town and drains would be dirty by the end of the day.

Without these workers our country would be looking dirty. Without them we would have more sicknesses that arise from dirty surroundings. They may not be well educated academically, but have played a major part in the health of this nation. I, therefore, strongly recommend they be given good recognition and also be treated well financially.

Of course there are others who have made sterling contributions to this country; to them we say thank you and let us as patriotic Vincentians treat this country as though it is ours and not the politicians’. Let us put aside our political differences and work together as one to continue to build this nation. Thank you.

Kennard King