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Will ULP be bringing a new candidate for Marriaqua?


Tue, Oct 23, 2012

Editor: Today I pose the question. Is a change in political representation for the ULP in Marriaqua imminent?

I leave that for your readers to answer. However, I propose to give some insights. Being on the ground in Marriaqua and having listened to the constituents prior to the 2010 general elections, it was clear then that the people wanted a new representative, but were prepared to go with the incumbent in the interest of time and in the interest of keeping the Comrade there.{{more}} Clearly, they wanted the Unity Labour Party to remain in office and were willing to do whatever was necessary to ensure that happened, even if it meant voting for the incumbent representative again.

This time around the sentiments remain the same. The people are clamouring for a new representative and the desire for change is stronger than ever. A bright prospect in the person of Kirk Da Silva is on the ground and he is asking the people for the opportunity to represent them and so far, the response on the ground has been positive, as people are beginning to entertain thoughts of a new and vibrant type of politics and representation for Marriaqua.

Despite this, however, there is a belief by many that the current representative, the Hon. Girlyn Miguel, may not be ready to step aside and may very well be eyeing a 5th term as the political representative. If this sentiment proves true, she will have a fight on her hands, as it will come down to who the people choose on nominations day, where she stands a good chance of losing that vote.

The people of Marriaqua are not very vocal publicly, but among them the grumblings are clear; they are not satisfied that after 11 years in office that enough has been done for Marriaqua and worse yet the representative seems to be missing in action, popping up only at selected funerals. In a phrase the people are fed up! As a matter of fact, the general consensus in Marriaqua is that if the incumbent is chosen again by some miracle, they would not be supporting the NDP, but by the same token they would not be working or voting on Election Day.

Again I ask the question, is a change in political representation for the ULP in Marriaqua imminent?

A constituent