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Implications of West Indies’ Twenty20 World Cup victory


Tue, Oct 23, 2012

Editor: Please allow me space to expatiate on the above title.

“Son, falling down is not a crime but staying down is a crime.” Those were the words of my 83-year-old father who lives in Trinidad. My father also pointed out philosophically, that adversity and the vicissitudes of life are challenges you most overcome in order to develop a strong character.{{more}}

The adversity and the ups and downs in this life to which my father alluded are parallel to the West Indies cricket team. That outfit experienced turbulent times, but under the competent captaincy of Darren Sammy, it did not relent; hard work and determination prevailed in the end. Darren Sammy marshalled his forces exceedingly well in West Indies’ encounters with Australia and Sri Lanka in the semi and finals respectively of the 20/20 world championship. In securing a decisive victory in the finals, Sammy vanquished his enemies, critics and detractors, including some high profile commentators and so-called cricket pundits.

With this victory, unity has surfaced again in the West Indies community. Cricket enthusiasts in the West Indies will be more inclined to follow the future developments of West Indies cricket and cricket officials and players alike will become self and collectively motivated to restore the glorious past of West Indies cricket. By retaining Darren Sammy as captain for upcoming tours, this will help to break down the barrier of insularity in West Indies cricket. Players from the smaller territories will be respected for their ability to deliver effectively and not for the country from which they originated.

It is likely that Darren Sammy, indisputably the leading all-rounder in the West Indies cricket at the moment, will consolidate, with the full co-operation of his merry men, on their recent world cup triumph. Sammy’s sterling performance, along with that of Gale, Samuel and others will be a source of encouragement to the younger generation of cricketers. And Sammy’s inimitable captaincy will be a font of inspiration to young cricketers in his native St Lucia.

Patmos Richards