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Stop making issues of minor matters!


Fri, Oct 19, 2012

Editor: As a nation, I do think we are a beautiful people. However, quite a number of people seem too happy to be creating confusion among one another. They take very simple matters and make big issues out of such. For example, one person may make a statement about another person that may be considered negative.{{more}} But upon close and honest examination of the statement made, one recognizes that the statement is not so bad after all, nor is it going to result in any harm to the person spoken about.

So should a person really make a big issue of such a minor matter? Before making an issue of a matter, why not ask ourselves questions such as: Was the thing said really that bad? Is it going to kill me? Would I get sick because of what he/she said about me? Is my reputation going to be damaged because of what the person said about me? Or is it simply pride on my part why I am making a big issue of the matter? Is it that I have something against people of a particular background so I take issue with such ones? What if someone of my background had said the same thing about me or even worse, would I have made a big issue of the matter? Am I being biased? Was the person who reported the matter to me being truthful, or did he/she twist the story or lied outright?

Yes, there are some things that may be serious enough to merit consideration and need to be resolved, but more often than not, we do make issues of petty matters, acting in a childish manner. Honest answers to the aforementioned questions may very well reveal that we may simply be spiteful against a certain individual or individuals that we do not really like.

So, as a nation, let us put on some flesh and make ourselves more thick-skinned. Stop being thin-skinned; get rid of what some may call “toilet paper skin.” Let us stop making big issues of minor matters, but as a nation, promote peace among ourselves.