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Registry is fast becoming like Iraq and Baghdad


Fri, Oct 19, 2012

Editor: I wrote for many weeks on the registry department. Just a few days ago we had a problem in the search room. The search room is too small for the work load and the number of persons who come on a daily basis. We are breathing in each other’s faces. There was a little bacchanal for chairs, which involved a legal clerk and a worker of the registry department.{{more}}

The work has advanced at the registry technologically, that’s why long ago they had catered for a few legal clerks. Now time has expanded and we have numerous legal clerks.

The section that I called Iraq, it is because there is always a level of conflict among clerks, incuding the general public. It has reached the point where a lawyer had to bring in a chair for his search clerk.

I call the other section Baghdad, because this is an area where the legal clerks and the general public sit and inhale the odour that comes from the toilet.

I believe that something will happen seriously if no attention is given to these situations at the registry. People are getting worked up because some of the documents are in a deplorable condition. We, as legal clerks, and the general public need to take care of the books that we use on a daily basis. We are all Vincentians. I am not blaming anyone; they will know who the culprits are.

Lawyers need to visit the registry to see some of the conditions their clerks are working in. If this situation is not seriously addressed, the legal clerks should sign a petition and take it to the rightful authority.

There are some wonderful staff members at the registry department, but when it comes to some of the vault attendants, we as legal clerks should not have to come into the search room to call you when we need assistance. Sometimes you need some sort of assistance and there is no one there to assist you. Do not pressure people when they try to get help.

Eating in the search room is another issue that needs to be dealt with. Eating is very prevalent amongst legal clerks. When I talk about it, people usually ask me if am still working at the registry.

Madam registrar, I know you are a person who usually gets things done where the registry is concerned. Eating in the computer room is another issue that must be addressed quickly. I think a lunch room is very much needed.

I am positive that a government building that is not in use can be used to relocate the registry department.

I must make mention of the high level of respect all legal clerks have for Ilca Browne, affectionately called “Mother”. It is a special honour that a seat was given to her, as a senior member of the search room. This was a very good gesture. She is very helpful to the general public and also to the junior legal clerks.

I know that I will get enemies, but I am not afraid of what people say about me.

A calypsonian sang a song a few years ago “you will have a few less friends”.

Guy Chow