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Let us love life and respect life and one another in SVG


Tue, Oct 16, 2012

Editor: Deaths and homicides of various kinds are so prevalent in our blessed land these days. It makes us wonder what is going on in our land. We know that most of these deaths have been targeted, thus our country is still by far a safe place. However, it raises concern about the way we deal with issues.{{more}}

In many homes, there is so much aggression and negativity, it aids the children in becoming aggressors and also gives the idea that to deal with someone who has done you wrong is to kill that individual. We no longer know how to sit down and work out what has gone wrong; we no longer believe in forgiving and lovingly seeking help.

We recognize that the drug trade has contributed to the large number of murders in our land and the easy access of guns and ammunition has given rise to such frequent occurrences. The guns and ammunition have become like a necessity in many homes, although they are illegal.

I realize that the CID is having some busy days trying to gather information and evidence. Thus, it is important that citizens who have information should be willing to give information to the police. However, it brings to mind the fear of many citizens in doing so, for safety of their own lives. Therefore this creates a problem. As a result, many would turn a blind eye to what they saw and what they know. However, it hurts when this occurs, for the guilty person gets off free.

There is also the case where some persons are not afraid to take a life since they know they would be acquitted. But there is a justice that no man can get away from and that is the JUSTICE OF GOD. Many times those who commit murders and get away end up being dead as well. Their life also is shortened. Thus murder never pays.

I, therefore, call upon us all to respect life and demonstrate love for each other, for what goes around comes around. Also it is important that we give our hearts to the Lord Jesus Christ, knowing that He never fails and He can help us. To all those who have lost loved ones in the last week or so, I extend my sympathy and let the Lord soothe the pain and help them in their moments of sadness.

Let us love life and respect lives and one another and let Christ reign in our hearts from day to day.

Kennard King