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I salute you, St Vincent and the Grenadines!


Fri, Oct 12, 2012

Editor: StVincent and the Grenadines (SVG), I salute you as we embark on our 33rd anniversary as a nation. We are, without doubt, one of the better countries in the western hemisphere, with natural beauty and friendly people.{{more}}

We have grown as a nation in many areas, including education and housing. Many brilliant sons and daughters have come from these shores and have excelled at home and abroad. Indeed a testimony to the hard work and strength of many Vincentians. We are by nature strong and are survivors.

As we embark on this year’s anniversary let us be thankful to God for blessing us with good sandy beaches, lovely waters that we take for granted and the freedom of expression that we often abuse. It can never be said that this blessed land of ours is a state where refugees escape, but rather a land of freedom and privileges. We are so privileged that we take it for granted.

In many countries across the world everything is sold, where as in SVG we can still have a free bunch of banana, breadfruit and coconuts, just to name a few and also free fish. These things we take for granted. It is only when we travel abroad and see how expensive it is to survive abroad that we come to realize how blessed we are to be in SVG.

Therefore, let us treat it with respect and keep this country clean. Let us cherish this country since it is ours and not another person’s own. The political tribalism should stop and let us as a people live together as one nation under God. Let us respect each other’s views and political persuasion. Also, let us work together as one regardless the politics, colour of skin, status or religion.

After all, we are one people, no matter how we view each other. We should never let politics or anything divide us. We have not grown in this area, in that we still allow politics and sometimes colour and status to divide us … what a shame! Governments will come and governments will go, but we all still have to live together with each other.

As we celebrate this year’s anniversary let us let love reign in our homes and hearts. Let us see each other as important and as our brothers and sisters. Let us embrace the virtues of humility and seek always to place God first in our homes and lives.

May God bless us all. Thank you. Happy 33rd anniversary, SVG.

Kennard King