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Let us be independent in our thoughts


Tue, Oct 9, 2012

Editor: We are in the month in which we celebrate our independence and we ought to reflect on our achievements, as well as those things we could have done differently. However, the most important thing is that we ought to look to the future with optimism. This must be printed on our subconscious and we must always be focused on our goals.{{more}}

We have this tendency to believe that anything that comes from overseas is better than what we have locally. We must change this mindset, for it is eating away at our prosperity. Not even if anyone comes with a Bible in his or her hand must we fall for it. We ought to remember that Christianity was not introduced to slaves because the slave masters wanted them to be saved, but it was intended for them to be better slaves. Unfortunately, we abandoned our own religion and now accept Christianity as our own.

Recently, I was passing outside one of our leading secondary schools and I heard the students singing and clapping about Jesus. I simply had to shake my head in disbelief, because the objective of educating someone is to enable them to reason and make rational decisions. When we teach our brightest minds about Jesus we must also tell them about scientific discoveries which may make some of these beliefs invalid. They would formulate their beliefs based on a greater amount of information instead of being indoctrinated by someone else’s belief. When one walk into a science lab there ought to be pictures of persons like Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison to remind them of what science is all about. There is no substitute for greatness and the mind is the most powerful tool. We have to put our students on a path of relentless pursuit of greatness and not feeding them a diet of a concocted story about the return of Jesus. The date of this return has expired long ago and we must be looking to the future and what it takes to make this world and our country in particular, a better place.

As we celebrate our independence let us remind ourselves that we have to compete with the rest of the world. We would not be successful by opening a new church every week. If this was the case we would have been the most prosperous country in the world.