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Congratulations, Amanda Farrell!


Tue, Oct 9, 2012

Editor: My heart swells with pleasure as I write to commend Amanda Farrell in her acceptance to Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut.{{more}}

When I read about it, she made my day. It didn’t surprise me one bit, for that young lady was always aspiring for great heights. She never seems to be satisfied with less than the best. One mark lost from her exam and she refused to rest.

I had the privilege of teaching her at the Barrouallie Government School. She was among a group who were labelled as ‘challenging’. Amanda defied all who thought my students were all challenging.

At times, persons’ expectations when realised by children tend to point them in the opposite direction. Appreciation and encouragement coupled with proper motivation will reverse the situation.

I am a bit taken aback though with her choice of study, but I just know that she will defy all odds and do excellently.

I pray, though, that unlike some, she would not take all the credit for herself, for in her own strength she is helpless.

Amanda, do give the praise and glory to your Heavenly Father. He deserves it.

Her parent Irma and grandmother Valcina Boyea are bursting at their seams with joy. They should be for all their support and guidance. Amanda, do not even think of losing the common touch, for knowledge misplaced tends to corrupt. Let God lead you by the hand at all times.

God’s richest blessings.

A Past Teacher