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A figurative analogy – the earth’s demeanour


Tue, Oct 9, 2012

The end of this world looks closer in the eyes of them who want to repent. – Toba Beta

EDITOR: For several years, the entire world has been informed of how its inopportune end will be met on the 21st of December, 2012. This idea has been stimulated from the fact that the Mayan calendar of ancient times ended on this date. Although the reason is not known, it may well be one of triviality. Until the time of the world’s end, however, it would not be anytime around this specified date because the events played out in the book of Revelation have not been fulfilled to completion as yet.{{more}}

Consequently, there is no need to panic about the world ending this year; but one must understand that he must embark on serious spiritual preparation if he dreams of being saved. Despite the fact that the world is not excruciatingly near its foreseen doom, it is in a state of vulnerability. Scientifically, it is known that the earth is the perfect planet for life and can be compared to the human body. From basic knowledge, it is understood how the immune system plays a very important role in the body’s natural defence against external factors which threaten to enter the body and weaken its performance in more ways than one can imagine.

Figuratively speaking, the earth is on the verge of becoming ‘sick’. This may sound a bit far-fetched, but reality suggests otherwise. Our world has become tremendously advanced since ancient times. Nature has a way of balancing things and with provocative advancement there comes downfall. Media networks worldwide inform us of a rising problem and deemed health concerns affecting almost every country, state or continent known as ‘smog’. The exhaust emissions from vehicles whether land, sea or air and power plants providing electricity and hydration for daily usage have and are continuing to proliferate disastrous effects worldwide. This has directly resulted in the worldwide crisis – global warming and a depletion of the ozone layer.

We hear many stories, fictitious and factual, surrounding these two very important terms, but how do they matter to us and are we as a Caribbean country affected in any way? The ozone layer is a layer surrounding the earth’s atmosphere and contains a very high concentration of ‘ozone’ and basically it protects the earth and the living things in it from the sun’s harmful rays. To do this, it absorbs the sun’s radiation. Inadvertently the ozone layer can be compared to functioning quite similarly to the immune system.

Therefore, hypothetically the ozone layer is the earth’s immune system, capable of preventing harmful, external substances from penetrating its atmosphere. However, instead of this ozone layer being able to prevent damage from such sources, it is viciously attacked by the very things it tries so hard to protect. An act destined for self-destruction.

What activities therefore are causing this? The world’s attempts at creating an easier life and competing to demonstrate and flaunt higher levels of artificial intelligence are the primary causes. At this point, the earth’s immune system is being weakened and becoming more vulnerable to sickness.

Currently, temperatures are soaring high enough to cause heat strokes and tempt the polar ice-caps into gradual meltdown. From prophecy, it has been said that the sun would “scorch men with fire”. Colloquial language suggests it would be ten times hotter; but do not be fooled. The sun has been known as the fieriest body in the solar system for centuries. The extent of heat that it produces has, is and will always be the same. The reason for why it would scorch men boils down to the dissipating ozone layer. Although organizations are making the earnest fight to slow this process down, man’s ingenuity and greed for further development continue to counteract their every effort. With this, the sun will definitely feel ‘ten times hotter’ since the earth will be the subject of an unbearable high ‘fever’ that serves as the stepping stone for the series of events to unfold.

From human experiences, we know just how a cold or flu spells sickness and the unbearable symptoms that lead to being sick. Continuing from the previous symptoms of a weakened immune system and onset fever mentioned above, we shall see what comes next. Following a high fever, an unbearable headache begins to set in. Sometimes, it may be short and is the prelude for a treacherous migraine. The slight headaches being felt by our earth presently are the manifestations of tremors – earth movements.

Earthquakes have destroyed thousands of homes and snatched the lives of millions worldwide and some countries are still in the ‘painkiller’ stage of hoping to start afresh with the help of more economically and less disaster struck countries. These earthquakes are the slight headaches felt by the earth due to plate movements in an attempt at either moving closer, further or along another to release the tension this planet is under. To think these events were too much, they are only the beginning of more migraines to happen and we, the inhabitants of the earth, must be willing and ready to face them.

Along with the wrenching headache, a runny nose, watery eyes and frequent sneezing drop by to pay a visit. Any idea of what they represent? The runny nose and watery eyes of our earth are the rising sea levels caused by slowly melting polar ice-caps in arctic countries. Low-lying countries globally are under threat of this problem. Their economies have dried up due to this uncalled for wetness in an effort to bring about control. Many have evacuated their premises because there is nothing else they can do. Many countries which prosper via Tourism are being threatened as it is problematic to turn to other areas of dwindling success to bring them much fortune. There has been a glimpse of hope in the Maldives where an island has been constructed for Tourism purposes, but how long will this last before the sea once again claims another as its own? Truly, this has got to be a very severe cold.

Frequent sneezes accompanied by an upset stomach and ghastly coughs find the need to make their presence felt; aren’t they more than enough for the Earth to handle? These symptoms are representative of the financial situations, recession, unfathomable lewd lifestyles and behaviour exhibited by this so-called advanced civilization. Their actions have plummeted into the Earth’s crust seeking fortune and sustenance for gold, diamonds and even more coveted and in demand than anything – oil!

Arrogance and ignorance have caused this poor Earth’s stomach to be upset in the form of oil spills destroying thousands of marine life, the livelihood of so many and creating even more havoc with rising sea levels as low-lying lands are in danger. Even though these are cleaned up and the Earth’s slight headaches may be short and over, these are what will trigger major migraines in the future when the world’s end approaches. The Earth’s core will speak in ways irreconcilable to man and its present sickness will become viler than ever.

The symptoms and events outlined are true, but are only a few drops in the bucket of what is left to further weaken and bring the Earth’s immune system, itself and all that is in it to vulnerability and doom. It is therefore exceptionally important that if we have not started, we need to start preparing for the end of time. We, who should have played the role of antibodies working in full collaboration with the Earth’s immune system to promote a better planet and rid destruction, will be forced to face these forthcomings. Essentially, we must be spiritually, psychologically, philosophically and mentally prepared for what God has in store for us.

The Earth which we have lived on and cared for will be susceptible beyond measure to downfall because of the cruel acts of the many who should have known and acted better when the opportunity was granted.

Unfortunately we must face the consequences of our actions. Therefore, now is the time that we should repent and try to live a better life with ourselves and one another in the hope that we can enjoy the fruits of eternal salvation. Hear the call and take heed.