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It is very important that our children use technology wisely


Tue, Oct 2, 2012

Editor: While technology is good and necessary, it can have a negative influence in the home. Technology would include cell phones and computers. In these modern times, we can not over-emphasize the importance of technology. However, as parents, it is important that they be aware of the dangerous effects it can have on the homes if they are not careful.{{more}}

Many homes are losing their children to technology. Many parents are not aware of the many pornographic sites their children watch, while in their bedroom on their Blackberry and laptop. So, when parents think that all is well and their children are studying they are indeed involved in many negative things.

The laptop, while it is good, many of the youngsters use it to be involved in what some may refer to as CYBER SEX, where they do sexual acts online, using the webcam. The computers, television and cell phones have replaced the communication parents had with their children. Thus, many parents are not aware of the problems their children are encountering, since there is hardly any communication and also many parents are not aware of the influence friends online are having on their children by the means of technology.

So, while we push for and praise the use of technology and while we see the good that it does in the education of our children, we can not blind our minds to the destruction technology can have on the homes. Therefore, I encourage parents to be more watchful and conscious of the world of technology and be aware of the negative effects it can have on our children.

Thus, let us become friends and be always there for our children. But even more importantly, let there be enough supervision and education of our children in terms of the use of technology. I know that many schoolchildren have Blackberries, which many of us adults can not afford. Let us be careful and realize that this can be a tool used by Satan to destroy the lives of our children.

Let us encourage our children to use positively technology and, most importantly, let us pray very hard for them that Satan will not be allowed to make havoc of our homes by the means of technology.

Kennard King