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Club management training should have been offered to team representatives, coaches

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by Seymour “Rollit” Walrond Tue, Sept 25, 2012

The SVGFF executive celebrates its first year in office September 2012. Since taking office they completed the last executive World Cup sojourn. Again, team SVG failed to go to the next round. They organized a new competition called “The Community Competition”.{{more}} Players were asked to form a team from within the boundaries of the political constituencies, which is why others called it “the Constituency Competition”. Was this to seduce the politicians or have more supporters from each constituency watch soccer? The latter was successful.

They hosted Guyana with two warm-up games in preparation for their World Cup preliminary games, then a FIFA U-20. They failed to qualify, and on the eve of the SVGGG League Championship kick-off on September 1, they hosted Barbados for two friendlies, winning one and drawing the other.

During 2012, FIFA responded to the articles in the Searchlight newspaper of December 2011 “Encouraging Club Development” with a club management workshop and a coaching course.

FIFA representatives held many meetings assisting and conveying to the last two executives that having a league with “CLUBS” is the way in which FIFA wants its affiliates to go. So, when all heard of the club management workshop and the coaching course coming in April and May 2012, representatives and coaches of the SVGFF League championship competing teams thought they would be invited to be educated about how to transform their team into a club; to develop their players semi and professionally; and to develop the image of the SVGFF and its league; but that didn’t happen.

Had such an opportunity been given to the SVGFF League teams representatives and coaches, instead of team administrators, the beginning of the transition of the sport development would have kicked-off. The SVGFF League would have been models which others must follow and the stage would have been set for businesses, contributors and sponsors to consider assisting the FIFA initiative of developing soccer in SVG.

Having missed such an opportunity, it will be very costly now to have those who participated in the workshop and coaching course to travel throughout SVG educating and converting teams to accept FIFA requirements. And if nothing is done, will the workshop and course be another waste of FIFA’s technical assistance?

We may disagree, blame others or even the executive for their lack of vision or for not being able to recognize that both the workshop and course should have been incorporated immediately to develop the SVGFF League and the sport, but not having a development plan or a technical committee proves there is a lack of technical knowledge of the sport development in the SVGFF.

There were many radio interviews from the competing presidents a year ago; those who voted and or elected the executive should remind and help them to achieve their promises now and put some sort of development plan in place. Presently, the stories about money and the firing of members is not good for the business of soccer and its development.

The SVGFF League at Victoria Park needs your support; also encourage the players to attend practice regularly and on time. You are responsible as much as the executive, because you elected them.