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Canadian visa saga not Gonsalves’ fault


Tue, Sept 25, 2012

Editor: Very early in his government’s administration, Dr Ralph Gonsalves provided some insight about Vincentians wanting to reside in Canada, apparently with the intention of enjoying refugee status.{{more}}

As I look at the global village through my mind’s eyes, our country pales in comparison with many countries in the world where abject poverty and material deprivation are concerned.

Additionally, political persecution and terrorism are non-existent here; hence, there was no compelling reason for this nation’s citizens applying for refugee status in the North American domain of Canada.

We live in participatory democracy; we express dissenting views from time to time, either for or against any existing political regime. The political liberals among us are no exceptions.

Reliable sources inform this writer that the Vincentian community in Canada behaves in a despicable and uncivilized manner, resorting to crimes of every conceivable nature, thus tarnishing the image of their once blessed homeland.

The source also confirmed that this loose and lawless behaviour was sufficient reason for the Canadian authorities to take the action which has stirred controversy, of requiring a visa application for Vincentians wishing to visit or possibly reside in Canada. On hindsight, those persons who were deported from Canada as a result their misdeeds and unlawful way of life must be silently remorseful and wish they had an opportunity to redeem themselves. And those with good intentions, desirous of travelling to the North American land would have to wait a while.

In conclusion, Dr Gonsalves has nothing to do with this Canadian visa saga. Many persons in opposition circles are wont to believe so. However, time and time alone will vindicate the Comrade.

Patmos Richards