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A young eye


Tue, Sept 18, 2012



As I see it, agriculture is, was and should be our most important sector! The current state of agriculture means that the country (SVG) is in a critical state. So, when are we going to stop the blaming!{{more}}

One major downfall in agriculture, starts from the home; from my childhood, growing up in a farming home, the most ironic statement that I recall my parents saying is that I should always strive to be a doctor, lawyer or some profession that normally receives praises beyond my comprehension. Let’s encourage our children to open their eyes to the many interesting opportunities in agriculture.

Drugs, You, Me and them

The era in which we are living has seen the growth in the drug trade. I was told by a reliable source that SVG would have been in a worse state, if it wasn’t for the underground market. Sad to say!

Another sad factor, is the amount of respectable (should be respectable) persons in society who are involved; politicians and pastors are not exempt. From my point of view, I think that the persons with such authority, who are supposed to suppress this crime, are either bribed or easily intimidated, but the small man can’t get rest from them for a few pounds of the green stuff.

Unfair games must be played twice!

Laid off from work

I was a bit puzzled when my fiance came and told me that he got laid off after 14 months of work without any payment, effective the same day the letter was received. As I am not a person who knows the law, can someone address this issue for me please and ways of seeking justice.


When are we college graduates going to get work, God forbid, but how many of us would have to do it the illegal way to survive? Teen mothers, especially, need to provide for their dependents, since the fathers are not around, even if they are around. Both the private and public sector are squeezing us; it appears that only family, relatives and friends of the princes and princesses in our land are employed, although there are persons with higher and equivalent qualification…. This will sooner or later lead to riots and strikes. Something must be done, or it will be sooner rather than later.

Marcella Dublin