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Only de Comrade could defeat de Comrade in 2015


Fri, Sept 14, 2012

Editor: Going for a fourth term mandate is always difficult for any governing party in a democracy, no matter how well they have served their people. ULP in SVG is no exception. Political scientist, Prime Minister Dr Ralph E. Gonsalves knows this more than most.{{more}}

The ULP leadership seems to be banking on the poor performance of opposition leader Arnhim Eustace and the rest of the NDP representatives. The ULP leadership are banking on the comic relief provided over the years by Ivan O’Neil and his green rump. And the ULP leadership may be booking on the political stupidity of Anesia Baptiste and her new group called the DRP (Democratic Republican Party).

ULP supporters, like most other Vincentians — at home and in the diaspora — are aware of the satisfactory, most times outstanding, leadership performance of de Comrade and his ULP government since they came to office in March 2001.

In every area of governance, de Comrade has demonstrated his passion, commitment, caring, vision and effective leadership ability and style, to deliver and improve the quality of life for the Vincentian people.

But all that may not matter in 2015, simply because de Comrade is eyeing a (consecutive) fourth term mandate in an environment where even die-hard Labourites are now openly expressing unhappiness with the arrogance of many of the ULP top operatives and public servants who continue to undermine de Comrade by providing disrespectful service to the average “Joe Public”. Many are not happy that even known NDP fanatics have been chosen for jobs and other appointments for which they (Labourites) are eminently qualified.

De Comrade has been well aware of this over the years, but has taken no corrective measures.

Now, time is running out for de Comrade to replace the Commissioner of Police, appoint a crime czar and make more serious efforts to deal with escalating crime and violence in our once peaceful Hairouna.

As contended by this writer so many times before, Commissioner of Police Keith Miller is a poor administrator, who does not command the respect and trust of many police officers and the general public alike. Miller may very well be de Comrade’s greatest liability going into the next election.

Time is running out for de Comrade to put his Minister of National Reconciliation to work to implement the measures he (Maxwell Charles) outlined in his January 2011 budget presentation. Minister Charles promised then that his four-point plan would put an end to political tribalism and work towards achieving much needed national unity. Since January 2011, Minister Charles has not delivered on even one of his four-point plan.

Time is running out for de Comrade to deal with the arrogance of his top-heavy public relations gang. de Comrade needs to trim the fat in that area. Most of these arrogant power lords do nothing but rape the democratic process on their so-called ULP radio shows and in every rum shop there is in SVG. They exhibit a complete lack of tolerance for anyone who expresses a different point of view. They are de Comrade’s “achiles heel” and could very well cost him the 2015 elections.

ULP General Secretary has become Arnhim Eustace’s top cheer leader. Julian Francis believes that Eustace is the ULP’s greatest asset for the 2015 elections. Seems the ULP leadership is sold on this. They also surmise that Ivan O’Neil and his green rump may receive less than 50 votes (total) in the next elections. And the political upstart, Anesia Baptiste, may spend millions “raised at home and in the Diaspora” to continue to massage her over-inflated ego and lust for instant power.

Be again warned, Comrade. If you are voted out of office, it would not be because of opposition forces. It would be because disgruntled supporters stay at home on election day and others vote against a good government which will benefit not a weak opposition. Only de Comrade could defeat de Comrade in 2015.

Do the right thing now Comrade. Defend our gains, protect your legacy and keep the ULP working for the continued growth and development of SVG. Keep our blessed Hairouna out of the destructive hands of the NDP. Stop creating winning conditions for a party that can never win on its own.

Wade Kojo Williams, Sr.
Winnipeg, Manitoba , Canada.