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Angel of Death visits Richland Park


Fri, Sept 14, 2012

Editor: The interior village of Richland Park is once again thrown into a state of mourning. Within a month or so, there have been no fewer than seven deaths in the area. Residents are appalled at the number of deaths and the quick succession in which they have occurred.{{more}} To this end, there are a lot of mixed feelings among villagers. Most people are of the view that people do not die very often in Richland Park, so whenever it rains it pours.

Some think that most of the people who have passed away are relatively old people whose journey on earth has naturally come to an end. However, there are those who believe that once in a while the angel of death passes through the village.

This phenomenon brings back memories of September 2009, when there was a similar occurrence of eleven deaths. At that time a hearse belonging to one of the Funeral Homes broke down in the area and spent two days at the Richland Park junction. That hearse took the blame for the loss of our loved ones, as most people believed that the continued presence of the hearse in the village prolonged the visit of the angel of death.

This has now case relatives and friends of those who have sick ones to be wondering who will be next.

Meanwhile the Monkey Hill cemetery would be the hub of activities during the upcoming days. This is the lone cemetery in the village where our love ones are expected to be buried.

Richland Park Resident