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We have brains, and we can think for ourselves


Tue, Sept 11, 2012

Editor: Schools have reopened with most children moving up to a higher level whilst some have left the education system altogether. More persons are now seeking jobs which certainly are difficult to come by. Our greatest problem is that we are not a creative society and are always seeking to work with someone else.{{more}} We do not see the world as our playing field and are always looking inwards. We are not a critical thinking society hence the persons leaving school are all competing for the same jobs.

When this society becomes a little more open minded we would certainly see the myriad of opportunities that lie before us. We have to pay much more attention to science and I do believe that the local media do not go the extra mile to keep our society abreast with developments in the field of science. Of course they may argue that very few persons here are actually interested in what is happening in the field of science.

The US space agency (NASA) has just placed another vehicle on Mars to conduct tests on the environment there. Little mention was made of that locally, but this is very important. Scientists are looking for signs of life or to determine if the environment on the planet can support life. Things like this should be discussed with our children in schools. It would help to open their minds. Scientists are providing more and more proof that life has been going on for millions of years, but the vast majority of our population are dancing and singing every Sunday that God created mankind a few thousand years ago. To make matters worse, someone by the name of Jesus claimed that he was there helping God in the process and we believe that. Sometimes I really wonder if it makes sense teaching science in schools in these parts of the world. I know that there are many aspects of science, but if the majority of us are gullible enough to believe stories like this, I have to wonder if it really makes sense. I do believe in putting a deadline to the coming of Christ and if nothing happens by that time it should be called off. At least we would get one distraction out of the way.

We cannot continue the same way and it is time for a new outlook. We cannot simply sit and wait for other to always preach to us. We have brains also and we can certainly think for ourselves.