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There is a depression taking place in SVG


Fri, Sept 7, 2012

Editor: Politics in St Vincent and the Grenadines is very interesting and that’s why the country is so divided; this division is creating problems for Vincentians. Dr Gonsalves came on the political scene and he created a political climate where Vincentians can and should make inquiries on the government functions.{{more}}

Persons like Renwick Rose, Parnell Campbell, Eddie Griffith, Kenneth John, Dr Gonsalves and Jomo Thomas are persons in whom most Vincentians put their trust in because they know the pain and the struggle of a lot of Vincentians. While I won’t detail the contributions of these individuals, when Vincentians think back, their conscience would guide them from where they are today to where they came from.

Dr Gonsalves became the prime minister in the year 2001. Some Vincentians are wondering if Dr Gonsalves took the time to remember where he came from to where he is today. While he is trying his best as the prime minister, for someone who questioned authority, he suddenly thinks that he shouldn’t be questioned. Even if one grumbles, it bothers him. Is this the Gonsalves we once knew? Vincentians are confused with the position we are in now. If you question the politics and the policies this government implemented, then you are Public Enemy Number One, according to the Prime Minister and the ULP. Vincentians have a right to make inquiries. Where are C.P and Sulle? Are they afraid?

There are a few persons who speak for the prime minister and his party. Elson Crick, Hans King, Clem Ballah, Noel Jackson, Dr Thompson and Sehon Marshall. They lack impartiality; they have no influence on the political landscape in St Vincent. Let me remind them that Gonsalves is not easily fooled. The prime minister is realising that the ULP is losing its grip on the Vincentians’ minds. While Senator Francis isn’t my favourite politician, he tells the truth. When Senator Francis is asked about the condition of the road, he says “No money na dey”.

The truth is Vincentians are getting fed up with today’s politicians who think they can continue to fool Vincentians. The reality is Vincentians are thinking about changing this Government. “While some are doing well, some catching hell”.

Dr Gonsalves, you have your work cut out for the next election. There is a state of depression taking place in St Vincent. Who should be blamed, politicians or ourselves?

Kingsley Defreitas