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Congrats and concerns


Tue, Sept 4, 2012

Editor: Congratulations are in order to KFC for having a fun day on September 1. It was a very well organized activity and I am certain it would reflect on the sales for that day and also KFC would continue to be a household name and a lover of many persons. Keep up the good work, guys. I trust that other business houses will have their own promotion and fun day, as it is a competitive world now in SVG.{{more}}

Meanwhile, as school reopened on September 3, many children from North Leeward are at a disadvantage travelling to Kingstown to attend one of the schools there, since there is no school bus and none of the regular big buses that normally carry school children are operational. This is something the authorities need to look at, for the children will be at a disadvantage in terms of getting a reliable form of transportation. Let us hope that by the time this letter is published something would have already done to alleviate the problem of transportation for the children.

Another area of concern, as a citizen of this blessed SVG, is that of the noise and partying. I know Vincentians love their nice times, especially on weekends. For the party lovers and those seeking to enjoy themselves, this may seem good. However, what is unfortunate and appears biased is the fact that permission is given to these promoters to have their amplified music played until very late. These functions many times end sometimes beyond two o’ clock next morning. One can understand them going to these late hours if it is held at a secluded place or in a building, but not when it is held in the public, especially in a residential area.

While, on the other hand, permission is given to religious bodies to have their crusades in the night, if it is in the open air from seven to nine in the night; other functions held in the open air go well past midnight. No wonder we have lost our fear for God. Also, when a religious function is held, the volume of the amplifier has to be not too loud, while the amplified music from the sets for other functions is larger and louder and no one complains and they are allowed. Some even have police protection at the function.

We need to have a level playing field. How can we build a good nation when we minimize the time allowed for open air church services and allow non-religious activities to disturb the sleep of others, since they go well into the early hours of the morning.

Kennard King