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Congrats to CYAs on local committee


Fri, Aug 31, 2012

Editor: I wish to offer congratulations on the formation of the local committee to assist the Caricom Youth Ambassadors in their two-three year term as CYAs. It is the first time one has been accomplished, though not the first attempt made by CYAs to do so.{{more}} It is mandated that CYAs from all the Caricom territories establish a local committee comprised of young people from various disciplines, mainly with an organisational base which deals with furthering the cause of youth and national development.

I was, however, somewhat taken aback when the swearing in release referred to the committee members as “Caricom Youth Ambassadors”. Further to this, I listened to a radio interview on NBC on Thursday, August 16 and realised that the committee members have not yet been briefed sufficiently by the Youth Office, as two of the persons being interviewed were referring questions to Ms Browne. The fact is, the committee will serve as an advisory committee to the two appointed CYAs from St Vincent and the Grenadines. They are not Caricom Youth Ambassadors.

A concern I have also, is whether or not organisations were written to requesting them to submit names for possible representation on the committee, along with the public call which was made. This is essential, because the youths will have to answer to an organisation which could feed its concern to the committee through its representative. The absence of this structure could see friends and colleagues of the CYAs or parliamentary representatives comprising the committee, which will not be a true representation of the wider voice of Vincentian youths.

Now that the committee has been established, its sustainability is necessary. This cannot be done by the CYAs, but by the CYAs’ supervisor, which happens to be the Youth Affairs Office. Failure to render the support needed to the CYAs in their planning and execution of activities locally will result in a non-productive committee. Each member of the present committee needs to get acquainted with the handbook of CYAs so they could be aware of the processes in becoming a certified CYA, as it’s not just by acquaintances, looks, speech or desire to travel. This makes me want to ask “What has happened to the other CYA Mr Joel Tyrrel? Has he ceased to function?

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