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A few thoughts on Anesia and her political party


Fri, Aug 31, 2012

Editor: When I heard that Anesia had started a political party, honestly, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Here is a young lady who, in my opinion, is full of promise and potential, but who lacks political sense. My reason for arriving at this conclusion is because, as politically ambitious as Anesia is, she isn’t learning from our political history.{{more}}

As someone who is keenly interested in politics and has been following it for a number of years, I am of the firm opinion that anyone who wishes to seek political office must first align themselves with one of the two major political parties in SVG in order to realize that dream. Prime Minister Gonsalves realized this, and in 1998, joined with the Labour Party, and today, he is doing his third political term. Anesia will do well to learn from this.

Another area in which Anesia falls short is her lack of humility. I read the entire letter she wrote to the Leader of the Opposition, which led to the revocation of her senatorship, and if, up to this moment, she cannot realize how arrogant her language was in that letter, then something is truly wrong with her. In my opinion, she should have apologized and kept her political career alive, instead of burying it by forming her own political party. In the same breath, however, I must mention that Mr Eustace showed very little analytical and leadership skills in handling the issue, when he allowed himself to be blind-sided and manipulated by other members in his party.

In conclusion, I wish Anesia well, and I must say that she has a wealth of knowledge to draw from when it comes to the third party experience in SVG. For example, there is Ken Boyea, whose party didn’t last as long as ‘Miss Janey fire’. There is also Ivan O’Neal, who, after so many years in the political wilderness, is yet to grab a significant number of votes or attract any reputable or respectable candidates.

Leroy James