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Who is to be blamed if Nice Radio is closed?


Fri, Aug 24, 2012

Editor: I’ve read a story published in the newspaper that Nice Radio is to be closed. That’s very frightening; who is to be blamed? Is it Dougie DeFreitas, Mr Lynch or the NDP? As a talk show listener, I think Nice Radio is important in terms of information.{{more}} The hosts of these programmes need to be informed about the importance of the radio.

While the NDP have a programme on the Nice Radio, Mr DeFreitas should know the importance of his radio station. I think the reason why Nice Radio gets itself in so many problems is because it has no policy to protect itself from the statement that was made about Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves. He challenged them in the court; the court decided that the statement was not justified by Mr Lynch, Dougie Defreitas and NDP; the court decided they were guilty. Damages were offered by the court to Prime Minister Gonsalves, but Mr DeFreitas seems to be finding difficulty in paying. Who should pay? Is it Mr Lynch, Mr DeFreitas, or the NDP?

I have some questions for Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves. Do you think closing Nice Radio is a good idea? What would be the thoughts of most Vincentians? Would the closure benefit the ULP in any way? What about freedom of speech? Would the closure of Nice Radio be in the interest of democracy?

While Prime Minister Gonsalves is in his right to seek the compensation the court granted him, would it be fair to say that Prime Minister Gonsalves has the motive to strangle freedom of speech in St Vincent and the Grenadines? Some might say yes.

Mr Lynch, Mr DeFreitas and the NDP should be mindful of what they say and should not say. Politics is destroying this country, it has been divided into two, one for you and the other against you. That’s why the pending closure of Nice Radio could result in an unfriendly climate. So let’s work together in the interest of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

The Prime Minister should lead from in front and the others follow.

Kingsley DeFreitas