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My favourite Vincy broadcaster


Fri, Aug 24, 2012

Editor: Nina Maloney is tops! My favourite Vincy radio broadcaster of all time. I heard her dulcet tones at the service celebrating 25 years of NBC RADIO 705 in July 2011. The presenting of “Memory Lane” that followed showed Nina at her best.{{more}}

Nina Maloney is the consummate professional in radio broadcasting. Just listen to her summarizing after a long, boring, repetitive Sunday religious broadcast! The lady has class.

Nina Malony is/was the presenter of the popular radio programme “Memory Lane”. It would have been so much better if she had taken some guests down Memory Lane.

We would have been listening to some happy, tear-jerking, wonderful recordings from the archives.

I think of Nina every time I hear the popular BBC radio programme “Desert Island Discs”. It has been going for sixty years and it will continue for centuries.

Nina Malony still produces good listening.

Avil Cupid.