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Kudos to Adult and Continuing Education Programme in Bequia


Tue, Aug 14, 2012

EDITOR: Please grant me a space in your newspaper to express publicly my sincere gratitude to the Adult and Continuing Education programme in Bequia. I am one of the proud beneficiaries of this unit, both academically and in terms of skills.{{more}} At first, I was ashamed of going to the programme because of the stigma it carried — “It’s only for people who can’t read and write”. Now, I am over that, because I already have gained passes in CXC and intend to go on. We don’t have many skills programmes coming to Bequia, but whenever one comes, it is well appreciated and well attended. Sadly some persons have to be turned away because of limited space.

I would also like to thank Mrs Terah Smith, Coordinator of Adult and Continuing Education in Bequia. Mrs Smith, you are working hard, despite the limited resources, and the many other challenges. However, you make the best of what you are given, even if it means looking for extra sponsors. For that I am extremely grateful. I admire your determined, yet humble spirit.

Looking forward to many more programmes from Adult and Continuing Education here on Bequia.

Proud Participant