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It is time to move forward


Tue, Aug 14, 2012

Editor: We have just witnessed the completion of the 2012 London Olympics and I must congratulate the Caribbean athletes for some of the most outstanding performances of the games. My question is, would we spend the rest of our lives congratulating others? Why are we not reaching up to the desired standard?{{more}} We need to assess where we are and what we want to achieve. Though we may not have the best facilities and trainers, it all comes down to the individual and the determination to succeed. In essence, it has to do with the power of the mind.

I maintain that this country is too distracted by politics and religion. I keep asking persons the same question, if there is a change of Government tomorrow what about your personal life would change? I can never receive a convincing answer, because your success ultimately comes down to you. There are individuals who would lose in one way or the other, but the majority would not be affected and are able to carry on their normal lives.

Religion, in my opinion, is the biggest distraction. Just last week I listened to a preacher on a local radio station urging persons to be on the lookout for Christ, because he is coming soon. This is one less thing persons ought to be worrying about, because this has been preached for more than 2000 years and there is no such event to occur. If you still believe it will, then I can assure you it would not occur in your lifetime.

Every election we urge our politicians to sign a code of conduct; hence I am urging preachers to do the same. If they are so convinced that the word of God is true and it is what we ought to live by, then they should be willing to sign a code of conduct, based on the laws they claim were laid down by God. In addition, they are to be jailed if they break the code. I do not know how many would sign, but out of those who sign, a large percentage would end up in jail.

It is time to stop distracting our people and encourage them to aspire to be great. As for people, they have to analyze what they are hearing. How can you pay tithes and your pastor drives a luxurious vehicle and you have to walk in the sun and rain? Of course, not all are the same. I guarantee you basically hear the same thing every week. Ask your pastor to preach from the Bible page by page. Of course they would bypass those parts that support slavery and have derogatory things about women.

It is time for us to move forward and leave the distractions behind.