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Karib Cable, isn’t NBC part of Basic Package?


Fri, Aug 10, 2012

Editor: I want to join with the hundreds of Vincentians and voice my disgust with the service provided by Karib Cable. Imagine four years ago, when the Olympics were held in Communist China, we were able to follow it live on NBC, and now that it is being held in a country that is not Communist, the channel is blocked. {{more}} What is ironic about this, however, is that NBC is a channel that is part of the basic package offered by Karib Cable. Therefore, how can they choose to block this channel at this critical time, when a number of Vincentians are interested in following the Olympics?

In answering this question, a number of things come to mind. One of them is that Karib Cable can do this because we as Vincentians are generally too PASSIVE, and it will appear as if we will take anything that is dished out to us. I say this as no insult to us as a people, but when I consider that we are paying this company our hard earned money every month, why settle for this nonsense? Just consider for one moment what would happen if ALL the customers decided that they were not going to pay their bills for six months. Do you think that they will cut us all off? I doubt that. Rather, they will come to us very quickly and engage in dialogue.

One of the propelling reasons which will fuel their quick engagement in dialogue, however, is not because of the love they hold for us the customers, but rather, it will be done out of FEAR. Fear of endangering their investment. Karib Cable knows that they have invested millions of dollars; thus, they stand to lose more than us, if we were to withhold our payment. Therefore, armed with this knowledge, it is time that we, the consumers, demand that this company treat us with more respect. It is time that we realize the power which we possess if only we could come together as a unified force and fight against the unfair practices performed by this company. Failure to do this will result in Karib Cable’s continued blatant disregard for us as customers.

I remember quite well just a few short years ago when Glen Jackson was able to generate support against another “communication giant and now we are reaping the benefits of his tremendous effort. Therefore, in light of this, Karib Cable should take warning of what could happen, if we, the people, come together to fight against an injustice.

In closing, I want to encourage the Vincentian populace to join Pressie in this fight against Karib Cable. I would also like to inquire of Karib Cable if customers will experience a reduction in their bills for the two weeks we will be unable to view the channels broadcasting the Olympics?

Leroy James