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Karib Cable dictates


Tue, Aug 7. 2012

Editor: On what basis does a cable provider decide to block out a news channel, substitute their own and state they have negotiated exclusive broadcasting rights to the Olympic Games? On whose behalf?

Karib Cable blocked out MSNBC, my favourite news station that focuses mainly on political issues.{{more}} It is staffed by a team of able journalists that addresses topics relevant to Caribbean people particularly with respect to the economy and recent upsurge of racism even among the athletes in the games. These issues impact our families in the diaspora therefore I am deeply disappointed about the block out of this station. As well, the U.S. team is well represented and competition is fierce; therefore, it is understandable the station will telecast the Olympics in order to satisfy its viewers.

Channel 1’s promise of exclusive broadcasting rights implies coverage matching the enthusiasm of MSNBC and the rest of the world, but instead I am forced to endure a boring commentary by lifeless hosts that are in dire need of a shot of adrenalin. In the break, Caribbean destinations are highlighted. Is this exclusive coverage of the Olympics, why not give information on places to visit in London, where the games are taking place?

During the carnival season, CDC added a few channels that not only broadcast the carnival, but gave the option to pay for exclusive shows, if we so desired. I have no choice between games or news. CDC’s respectful partnership should be imitated. This antiquated ambush sales mentality not only erodes loyalty, but leaves us wishing for competition until we could jump ship.

I have a passing interest in sports, but have to endure two whole weeks of Karib Cable’s exclusive broadcast, which is tantamount to a life sentence.