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We are male deficient


Fri, Jul 13. 2012

Editor: It is often difficult to determine whether we are moving forward, marking time or going backwards. It depends on what aspect of our lives we are looking at. However, one thing is certain, this country has a lot to overcome. One of the biggest challenges of this country is getting our male population involved in more meaningful economic and social activities.{{more}} Too much of them are sitting at the road sides. This may not be a problem for some societies where the level of technology is extremely high. However, this is not the case for countries like ours.

If we examine the number of children entering the primary school system, the numbers of males and females are similar. However, as they pass through the secondary, then the tertiary systems, there is a significant disparity in the number of males and females actually graduating. This then leads to most of the top jobs being taken by women. This is good, taking into consideration the efforts made to empower women. The problem with this is that males throughout time have proven themselves to be greater inventors. One may argue that women were not given the deserved opportunities in the past, but this argument cannot hold today. Men are still the leading inventors and it has little to do with the availability of resources. Many of the new developments required very little inputs, because they were mainly in the area of software, but males still dominate. It has nothing to do with whether males are brighter than females, but possibly because males are always seeking to break new ground. It may also have to do with ego or where the focus lies. There are guys like Steve Jobs of Apple, Bill Gates of Microsoft and Mark Zuckerberg and the others that invented Facebook.

The point is, we are male deficient and it is leaving a gaping hole in our society. We have to seriously ask ourselves, what kind of society do we really want for ourselves and our children? Carnival is now over and we have to make the transition from a party mood to one of serious work and constructive thinking. We often forget that intelligence is a stream of energy that emanates from the universe and it is utilized by the capable and receptive mind. Let us change our focus from religion and politics and focus on the task at hand.