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Observations from 2012 Calypso Monarch finals


Fri, Jul 13. 2012

Editor: Sunny Banks’ Fire was put out by the Tsunami Fya Empress. Banks won an election for De Comrade, but could not win a calypso crown for himself on Sunday night.{{more}}

Compared to the past few years, there were very few props used in the presentations. “Read between the lines” CDC. Calypso and Soca must be allocated more financial resources as of next year. Each calypsonian reaching the Semis and Finals should be allocated a determined amount towards props and outfits for Back-Up singers. And of course the Prize money needs to be increased. Start holding meetings with government and sponsors/contributors on Wednesday.

Do CDC and the Department of Culture and, by extension, the government, take Diaspora Calypsonians seriously? Is this some convenient or political thing that they judge the New York tent? There were at least four Calypsonians in the Finals last night who had no place there. Where were the good Calypsonians from the NY Tent?

They could not make it to the finals, because they are not Barrels or Western Union.

It’s time for the Diaspora Committee in New York to intervene.

Poorsah’s second calypso was very insensitive and disrespectful to our women folk.

Poorsah asked men to love the women. But his kind of love is “kissing and hugging and providing “bedroom food”.

Given previous numbers from my namesake – “Screw In The Back Seat”, “Hairy Bank”, “Go Right Up In Dey”, “Wrong Hole”… many – women and men – would neither be surprised or disappointed with Poorsah’s performance last night.

Several youths participate in the Schools/Youth Annual Calypso/Soca Competitions. Many perform with distinction. Yet there is no system in place for some of our youths to reach the Calypso Tents or graduate to the National Competition.

It may be time for the older bards, CDC and the departments of Culture and Education, to develop a mentoring programme which will see our Calypso Icons like Sheller, Scakes, Man CP, Ipa, Sunny Banks, Joy C, Bro Ebony, etc. to adopt a youth and provide structured mentoring to keep our youths in the Calypso/Soca arena after they graduate from Secondary Schools and Colleges.

Do we need two back-up bands for the Semis and Finals? Is it getting too much for our outstanding Police Back-up Band?

So it seems.

In the second round on Sunday night, the lawmen sounded tired and that must have impacted on the Calypsonians.

Give the second Back-up band a serious thought, CDC.

A few persons on Sunday night opined that Fya Empress’ Second Round rendition was a “drop down from her First Round”. No rocket science needed here. Empress sang her stronger calypso in the First Round.

Where is the Beef?

“Woman Is Boss”!!

Not only did our women calypsonians win bigger this year, their performances at every level of the National Competition were superior to the men’s.

Three Cheers for the women who made it to the Semis and Finals and provided outstanding performances.

Like my fellow calypsonians who appeared in the finals on Sunday night, I am not concerned that women are taking over… so shall it be.

Wade Kojo Williams, Sr.
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.