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Mothers, wake up and smell the coffee!


Fri, Jul 13. 2012

Editor: Traditionally, the cases of teenage pregnancy and the number of teenagers who had sexually transmitted infections were fewer, compared with what happens today.{{more}}

It is my obligation as a teenager to comment on such a controversial subject. We, as Vincentians, cannot only point our fingers at our teenage daughters who have travelled down the wrong path, but at the parents also.

As an all rounder, I have witnessed the subject beyond the possibilities of comprehension.

“Old dogs cannot learn new tricks.” This proverb has proven itself right on numerous ocasions. Therefore, the training ground for a teenager should commence as a youth growing up in society.

Too often, parents are faced with betrayal and heartbreak because of the corruption, insolence, slyness and indecency of their teenage sons and daughters, mostly daughters. Mothers need to be more responsible and scrutinize every situation with their teenage daughters.

Let them decipher the positive emotions which they are seeking from you, instead of allowing them to seek them from precarious men.

Frequently, I have seen and heard young ladies speak treacherous lies to their mothers without even the blink of an eye. It is sometimes unfair to parents, because the majority of them go to their workplace and work diligently with the need to support their children in mind only to be faced with deception and disloyalty.

Parents, you need to wake up and smell the coffee, don’t sniff at it, because I can tell you from experience, if not all, the majority of young ladies in modern times are very smart, sly and treacherous. I can seal a deal that if mothers take up the responsibility of taking their daughters to the doctor in search of their virginity that they may be shocked at what the result may be.

I am not oblivious to the fact that a law exists which states that at the age of fifteen a teenager has the responsibility to face sexual intercourse; but do we ask ourselves, are our teenage daughters physically ready to face it? Is there a law which states that after the carelessness of that young lady, the child would be taken care of by the government? The hospital can barely fulfil the needs of our aging population, Are they fully equipped and ready to support these young children? The ignorance of these young ladies is weighing down our social and economical society. Are we going to allow this to continue?

Parents of St Vincent and the Grenadines, open your eyes and if they are open already, open them wider. Young ladies, if you are looking for self-definition and self-confidence, God is the only answer to your problems. Immerse yourself fully in the church. There are so many across the island.

Lastly, fathers, one hand cannot clap. Sometimes you ever wonder why your little angel went down the road of destruction? It is because you were rarely or never there to demonstrate that fatherly love to her. So fathers get busy. Your daughters need you.