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Is Lawyer Emmanuel Fatima Adams a forgotten hero?


Fri, Jul 6. 2012

Editor: The caption speaks for itself. It is a burning shame to see a man who worked so hard for Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and particularly for his native Union Island, so neglected in death.{{more}}

Emmanuel Fatima Adams has done more for Union Island than any other islander. Many who have made no contribution to the welfare of the island have had their names written for posterity, disregarding the person who set the pace and molded the social economy of the island.

Fatima was a first in nearly every social discipline in Union Island. He was the first native lay reader of the Anglican Church. He was also the first graduate teacher and first to achieve the status of Headmaster in the educational system. As a lawyer, he was the first professional; the first politician; the first speaker of the House of Representatives; and finally was a role model to many who followed his example and became professionals themselves.

Fatima was a patriot who didn’t forsake his island by travelling overseas to improve the standards of other countries.

Am I hearing that the square in Clifton, his hometown, is being renamed Emmanuel Fatima Adams Square? Or the Secondary School in Ashton Union Island renamed the E.F. Adams Secondary School for his contribution to education and law in that island? Or is a ‘founding father’ lost to posterity?

Concerned Citizen.