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We need to move on – Enough of this Ottley Hall inquiry


Tue, Jul 3. 2012

Editor: Is it time to seek a formal National Apology from Sir James for his role in the Ottley Hall affair, use his international contacts to work for the continued development of the country and abandon this never-ending inquiry?{{more}}

Bear in mind, Gonsalves secured debt forgiveness, so, technically, our financial loss was very little. But that we could recoup from the operation of what is in place at Ottley Hall.

Our country cannot take this anymore. We need forgiveness. We need reconciliation – political and otherwise. We need to ensure that this never happens again. We need to move on.

We all know what the inquiry will tell us and it would neither be here nor there.

Let’s just close this sad chapter in our nation’s history and move on positively.

And this is only one man’s humble opinion.

Given our love for political tribalism, I do not expect it to be a popular one.

Wade Kojo Williams, Sr.
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada