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Is the YES programme a scam?


Tue, Jul 3. 2012

Editor: I am a single parent mother of two. I have obtained O’levels from a well-known secondary institution about 9 years ago. I was laid off a year ago, which I must say has made it extremely hard for me to look after my kids, my bills and myself.{{more}}

So, I decided to join the Yes Program. I also went to a significant individual concerning a particular post available. I was glad to know that I was qualified for the post and would be placed there within two weeks of my interview. But that gladness and joy all subsided, when I was told the amount of salary I would be receiving.

Believe it or not, the people on that program get next to nothing – $400 and $375 after NIS. Is this a scam, I asked others? The people on the program work the same amount of hours as the normal government employees, they do the same amount of work and if one takes stock, more. Is this the Government’s way of hiring cheap labour?

This question I would like to be answered, because a salary like that only leaves an individual in more stress and debts.

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