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Dismissal of the Senator was correct, but manner was crude


Tue, Apr 24. 2012

Editor: I do believe that right thinking persons will agree that, based on the contents of the letter written by Mrs Baptiste to Mr Eustace as Leader of the New Democratic Party, the revocation of Mrs Baptiste’s appointment is the appropriate thing to do.{{more}}

The big problem though is the crude manner in which the information was dissiminated. Here is a situation where a member of parliament is being sacked as senator, but she was not given the courtesy to be informed before the public was. In fact, Mrs Baptiste learnt of it on the radio as the general public did.

My question, is this the kinder and gentler Arhnim Eustace that NDP and company like Ken John and Douggie DeFreitas wanted us to believe he was?

The true character of a person must come to light at some point in time.