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The recent release of two convicted murderers a miscarriage of justice


Fri, Apr 20. 2012

Editor: I am sorry, but I do not think that Mrs. Stevens and her lover Mr. Robinson are candidates for leniency and release. A gruesome and pre-meditated murder was committed and nothing less than life in prison with no chance of parole should have even been considered.{{more}}

I am sure there are more deserving prisoners behind bars who could have been afforded this pardon. Twenty-three years for what was thought to be one of the most heinous crimes committed in St. Vincent? Another miscarriage of justice I would say.

Another glaring issue that stands out to me is the fact that Dr. Ralph Gonsalves was the defense lawyer in this case and he now sits on the Mercy Committee playing a part in setting his client free. Can I say conflict of interest?

I knew Mr. Stevens personally and he was the nicest man you could meet.

The good thing about this is that’s probably what he would have wanted.

Forgiveness for his murderers.

Carlos Walcott