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Our beliefs are flawed


Fri, Apr 20. 2012

Editor: To gain a true understanding of life, one ought to take time out and reflect on our universe. This world is much more than our naked eyes behold. It is unbelievable that a rocket can travel continuously and never come to an end of the universe.{{more}} However, our religious teachings have led us to believe that life is about our existence which is terminated by death and followed by judgment. This is absolutely misleading, for life is a continuum through different dimensions. Anything that exists in this dimension has to take on physical characteristics.

When one dies, there is a change in dimension but the physical body that carries around the spirit cannot exist in the other dimension. The spirit, therefore, has to leave the body behind. These spirits can then communicate with each other just as we do with one another. They often try to communicate with us directly, but that is not possible because they do not possess the physical attributes to do so. This communication, therefore, has to be done through the spirit which we all possess. Messages are often sent, but we are so preoccupied with our everyday activities that we do not hear most of what was communicated to us.

The question is, is it possible to overcome this barrier and be able to communicate directly with those in other dimensions? No one really knows the answer to this. However, there are institutions that are conducting experiments in trying to move from one dimension to the next.

The real problem is that religion has narrowed our vision, but this world is a very mysterious place. It is not simply about serving God or Jesus and going to heaven or hell. There is much more to it, and religious beliefs only distract us from what we ought to be pursuing. The notion that there are two entities, God and the Devil, competing for our spirit, is very misleading. Since we have made out God to be the most powerful, he should have been the winner on every occasion.

To say that God is giving the Devil time to rule the earth is simply taking things into the realm of absurdity. Our teachings are flawed and ought to be corrected. Why is it so difficult to see our misunderstandings?

If the Devil was thrown on earth and causing us to sin, no one can blame the Devil for any sin committed on the International Space Station because he is not out there.