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Public Servants, weights and totem-pole


Tue, Apr 17. 2012

Editor: I have strong feelings that some public servants have too much weight (push and pull), including inflation. Apart from the vicissitudes-of-life-weight, including parenting, relations and relationships, crime and violence, some have too much weight, as servants. Weight from an uneven playing field, trauma weight and drama weight (to a lesser extent). Weight is not easy to carry constantly. Except for a real heavy-weight, weight makes one tired.{{more}} Weight becomes too heavy when all ends of the totem-pole are pushing. Others at the pulling end get tired and too weak to pull it. This is universal.

Because balanced-weight is sometimes novel, hence some are afraid of the weight; some pull what they want or can; others leave it there. Sadly, sometimes when seeking assistance with weight ends in others having to pull spite, transfers, assignments, non-action and sick and dead weight. One can also get put in rubber-room to wait for weight. Obesity is too much weight; causes life style diseases including pressure, sugar, heart attack etc and death. Many, including this one, are afraid of this weight. Some maybe wondering if weight pulled down the phones. More than 32 years experience tells me that too much weight pull down governments, while public servants remain still with plenty weight. I almost forget that some dread the 65-years-weight; (5 years before God’s allotted time) and also that one-pension-benefit-weight. It seems as though there is no institutional help with weight, and no end in sight.

I want to give kudos to the Christian-church-class to help us with the weight when all else seems to fail. They pray for us, have fellowship with us, including prayer meetings and otherwise, to help us with weight.

I must also give kudos to medical Doctors, who are willing and able to help with obesity-weight, even though we have to pay. They prescribe medication to lose weight, help with heart disease, stomach ache, mental and other illnesses. They also give us medication to sleep at nights, other prescriptions and leave to ease the overweight. Not omitting the Health System that is available to all, including public servants. The only thing is, this system at times has more weight than it can pull.

On another note, the class I am from carries ‘round plenty weight resulting from sibling bullying and phobia for conflict. While carrying weight, some at higher ends of the totem-pole are not equipped to spot this kind of weight, oftentimes are not sensitive to keep their own weight and would not listen to others weight; and have all kind of aspersions when weight is silent. I write and speak about them now only when I am overweight; and more recently, upon the death of my mother, I am moved to speak, not caring about“house roof covering down many things.” Too much is too much.

More than once, when certain weight “hit my fan”, I was luckier than Mr Jack of LIME, to see and speak to a PM about them. I was real joyful first. After both discussions, I was assured, (twice), to wait and that these matters will be addressed by the relevant Ministry/Minister. I waited long and nothing ever happened, except the room got hotter and the weight got heavier. I could not disconnect. I stayed with the weight connected, and prayed and waited.

I would not disclose, however, what I witnessed weight pull down on more than one occasion. Some cannot discern on which side their bread is buttered, even to recognize those with a heart like Mother Theresa, who love to work on the streets to help alleviate peoples’ weight and sufferings. We need to spot them and also learn to carefully utilize our scarce resources to do what is possible to help their weight. Many benefits can be derived.

L.B. Williams (Mrs)