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Justice of God will take its course


Fri, Apr 13. 2012

Editor: The recent murder that occurred in Rose Bank is but a reminder of the times we are living in. Indeed it can be said that anyone can be a target for murder. However, it does speak to the heart of man that is desperately wicked, and the lack of love that is present in the hearts of men.{{more}}

It was reported that she was raped and killed. This leads to many speculations. As we look at the system of sentencing, many men would argue that it is better to commit murder, following a rape, since they are more likely to be acquitted of murder than it is for rape. A person can spend up to fifteen years in jail for rape, even though some have been innocent, whereas a person many times can be acquitted of murder for lack of evidence and other defenses or even if convicted sometimes are only given some years in jail. Thus if a rapist knows that he will be reported, he many times seeks to kill the lady.

Many times the killer seems to get more sympathy than the victim’s relatives. Suddenly the killer has rights and has many lawyers trying to get him off free and others seeking to have his rights and freedoms intact. But for the victim’s siblings and relatives, there seems to be none.

A closer look at such a crime will show that it is as result of many factors, among them the evil satanic influences that we allow in our lives and also the great emphasis on sex. So a person whose mind has been infiltrated with sexual materials like blue movies and pornographic movies can influence a person in such a behavior. We know there are many other factors that can contribute to such a behavior. But don’t be fooled, a high emphasis on pornography can lead a person into a strong desire for sex, and when a man can not get it, he seems to prey on someone he thinks he can control. So when he is refused, he will use his power on someone he thinks is easy to control and thus he commits the act of rape. He does not always rape someone he thinks he can control, but also someone he feels he wants but cannot get, so his strong desires leads him to commit such an act.

Nevertheless, we must never discard the fact that many times it is a wicked thinking of a person who is controlled by a satanic power and needs to be delivered. Therefore, it is time that we as a nation get down on our knees to God and let God live in our homes by having him in our heart. What this nation needs is a spiritual change from a spirit of darkness to the Spirit of God, from unrighteousness to righteousness.

No one has the right to take any one’s life, and we as a nation have a responsibility to look out for each other. Meanwhile, we must seek to assist the police with information concerning crimes of this nature. I am certain that there are murders that have not yet been solved. In time, however, the justice of God will take its course on those who have committed such crimes.

Kennard King