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Choose the right Foods for Easter


Thu, Apr 5. 2012

Editor: Easter is here, and it signals the end of the Lenten season. For many of us, that time of fasting has ended only to be replaced by a period of unrestricted consumption of meat and other foods. While we look forward to enjoying this extended weekend, it is not uncommon to expect compromises in food safety regulations, as well as nutrition guidelines and practices, to the extent that they adversely impact our health and well being.{{more}} Considering that past and current studies have shown that many food borne diseases occur within the home environment and at mass gathering events, it is vital that, during the Easter celebration, persons choose their food outlets, and specifically foods, wisely. after all, you are what you eat! You should also consume food portions according to recommended standards. It can be also be said that you are and will become how much you eat!

As patrons look forward to consuming the multifarious delectable dishes at their various favourite entertainment events, it is imperative to note that there are over 200 food borne hazards (biological, chemical and physical) which result in illness. Even if some foods have no food borne hazards and are prepared in a hygienic manner, there is likelihood that they can still be unsafe for human consumption. Health Experts have recorded over 160 foods which caused allergic reactions in humans. Of these, 90 per cent are as a result of the consumption of nuts, milk, eggs, fishes, crustaceans, wheat, celery, seeds and glutens. Yes, such foods trigger allergic reactions in certain persons! However, they are perfectly safe for others who are not prone to such allergic reactions.

As the Easter celebration unfolds, I am confident that all stakeholders in the food industry will be in partnership to ensure that only the best quality and right foods are available to be used and served as food. This is certainly not the time for inducing additional expenses for ourselves, and costs to our nation, through medical expenses and loss of productive work time.

As we choose the best entertainment venue, let us think health and productivity. Choose the best – food, service and environment – for the Easter. Make an extra effort to enquire about the ingredients in your meal. It may just make a different in your health and pocket. While you are at it, buy and eat local, and choose to remain healthy for your sake and the nation’s as well.

Have a blessed and healthy Easter.

Neri James