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Spare a thought for Elson Crick, VP of Windwards Board


Fri, Mar 30. 2012

Editor: St.Vincent and the Grenadines showed the Caribbean and the rest of the world that we are ready to host top flight competition in the cricketing world. And as we celebrate and congratulate each other on a job well done, we seem to forget an important individual in the process.{{more}}

Elson Crick is the vice president of the WICB and attends the meetings of the WICB, where decisions are made in respect of the scheduling of games. Two years ago, when we were ignored as England and India toured the region, Crick was traduced left, right and centre. He was criticised by a number of people as having no power on the WICB and being useless! He bided his time, and we landed three ODI’s against Australia.

He must have done a lot of lobbying to get the other directors to support the scheduling of the games here. Look at the comments coming out of Jamaica and Antigua about our hosting of these games, as if we are not good enough. But we showed them what we can do.

So congratulations are in order for Director Elson Crick. The word out of the WICB is that he is doing a good job. He heads the Human Resource Development Committee, and is a member of the Wilkins Committee that is looking at the governance structure of that regional body. To my mind, Elson Crick is too shy, and he needs to blow his trumpet more. There is no need to hide your candle under a bushel, my friend, when other people in the cricketing circles who have less ability and less achievements are bragging all over the place.

George Peters