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What kind of relationship do you have?


Tue, Mar 27. 2012

Editor: Being a player or a genuine individual has much to do with abuse. When we look at the abuse we have to first look at the foundation. Like a house, if the foundation is bad, so will the house itself be. So, the choice of a partner is largely responsible for a good relationship or an abusive one.{{more}}

A player is someone who is just in the relationship for fun, personal benefit or some other reason that is not for genuine love. Whereas a good strong relationship is built on partners who love each other for who they are and not for what they can get from the other partner and are also willing to contribute not just sexually, but in other aspects of the relationship.

We often hear women say that men are liars, but seldom do say that they ladies are pretenders. So many persons get into a relationship not for genuine love and many persons are good at pretending and also good at playing the flirting game, where they have so many partners to get personal gains and also to make them look good.

It is true to say that there are many relationships today that are not built on genuine love, but on players. Thus it creates many problems, such as abuse, hurts and to say the least children who grow up without love and attention. No wonder we have so many broken homes and broken lives. No wonder there is so much crime which has its beginning in the home.

It would seem that people are more concerned these days about material things and sex rather than genuine love. For when there is genuine love there would hardly be abuse and hurt. When generations ago, families and homes were built on love, there was not much abuse and crime. People used to love from the heart and not for what they can get.

Relationships were not built on material things, for people were poor and they built their lives together and worked together to assist each other. In those days you hardly heard about divorce or abuse as is heard about now.

I therefore recommend that we build a relationship on genuine love and not on players who pretend so much. After all, everything else will pass away, but love remains for ever. Let us seek to be genuine in our love and stop the flirting around. Let us seek to build a strong relationship by loving from the heart and also of importance that persons should seek to grow in love and not fall in love, for when we fall in love, it can be easily broken and leads to hurt.

Also when a person invests money in someone and he is disappointed, it can lead to abuse. So, let us not love for what the person has, but love the person for who he/she is. In doing so, we would minimize the hurt and abuse.

Of course more can be said, but I would like us to take serious considerations as to what are we, player or a genuine person? What kind of relationship do we have? A genuine one or one that is built on pretence from a player? Let us seek to have the right partners.

Kennard King