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Stop the barbaric killing of dogs in Canouan, now!


Tue, Mar 27. 2012

Editor: As a Vincentian citizen I have to speak out against the indiscriminate poisoning of dogs here in Canouan and I would be grateful if your newspaper would publicise the fact that I am offering a reward, $2000 ECD, for information leading to the conviction of the person or persons who are deliberately and maliciously poisoning our animals here in Canouan.{{more}}

A number of dead dogs have been found in recent weeks around the island of Canouan and they have clearly died a slow and painful death from gramoxone poisoning. This is totally unacceptable and against all international animal rights.

We rescued two dogs from the streets here in Canouan when they were puppies and they are well loved, well fed and well cared for and they both wear collars to show they have an owner and are not strays. Unfortunately, Canouan Resort does not permit me to keep my dogs at my home when I am not here on the island, so we have to send them to the village to stay with our staff. They are gentle and approachable, friendly dogs, so why, WHY, would someone deliberately poison them when they were staying for a short time in the village?

I flew both dogs straight to the vet in St Vincent when we knew they had been poisoned, but the vet could only save one of them and, after two weeks of fighting for his life, Jimmy’s organs finally shut down and he died on March 21.

Jimmy was a gentle and loyal pet who had a home and who was loved and well cared for. And he was staying in an area where children live and play. Who will these contemptuous evil people kill next? Someone’s goat? Someone’s chickens? Someone’s child?

Canouan cannot allow this indiscriminate, barbaric practice to continue and the Government should NOT be sanctioning the use of poison as a means to kill dogs here on the island. This has to stop.

Sarah Blundred