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Some of our teachers need to be more patient and understanding


Tue, Mar 27. 2012

Editor: There is need for some ammunition of a different kind in the artillery of the army fighting for the cause of the Education Revolution.{{more}}

Why do I say this? I had reason to visit the two schools that my children attend recently for parents’ day. I had to wait for a looong time before things got started in both schools on both days and this was my experience.

I was told that if my child wanted to stay in the top stream that there would be need for improvement. I agreed, but I was surprised that that term ‘stream’ was used, since at orientation we as parents were told there was no streaming. I was told that there were certain teachers who wanted to see me; one was out at the time and when he spoke to me I felt like my child was the dumbest thing this side of the universe. It was as if there was no hope for this child that previously excelled in the subject area.

The other teacher was busy teaching a fifth form class and so had no time to speak to me. Others made you feel that you were intruding on their precious time. The marks of other children were exposed for my fast eye to look at (totally unprofessional), another took my e-mail address and promised to e-mail something to me (up to this day I have not received it although I have followed up with telephone calls.)

The other school was not as cold, but I wonder why the foreign accented teacher refused to speak to me about my child’s performance. My understanding is that only two students managed to pass this subject and this teacher had no time to sit and dialogue with me, the parent, about my child’s mediocre performance in the subject.

“I not seeing any of these parents all ah oona ave to seee the principal.” At the end of both days, as I reflected, my mind took me to many questions.

Who teaches my child, is it this man or the principal and wouldn’t he be the best person to dialogue with. Why put more burdens on the poor principal’s shoulder?

Who is paying this teacher? Is it the tax payers of this country? Why do we have to be treated in this manner as though we are a bother to teachers on parents day? Oh sorry, the letters said Parent-teacher conference. What a laugh!

I am challenging all teachers of all schools to put the ammunition of love, patience, understanding, dedication, care, tolerance,etc etc in their artillery for the next Parent-Teacher Conference.