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Open letter to the Minister of Labour


Tue, Mar 27. 2012

Dear Sir,

The labour situation in this country is absolutely atrocious. While unemployment is an issue in this country, there is a serious situation of idleness and a lack of work ethic, which has permeated all areas of this country.{{more}} Men and women of all ages congregate on blocks, idle halls and bus stops, engaging in gossip, harassment, foul language, gambling and all kinds of decadent behavior. They assembly in areas of greatest visibility, usually at the road sides where their lassitude has the greatest effect on our youth.

The sad thing is that many of these idlers have large families which they have systemically abandoned for a life of frivolity. It is no wonder that many of their children have evolved into hooligans and vagabonds. This has created a deleterious situation for businesses that are willing to hire but cannot find a serious workforce to draw from. Farmers are finding it impossible to attract workers to work in their fields. Fertile agricultural lands lie fallow and opportunities for self-employment are ignored. Productivity is in the toilet.

In contrast, we must admire the Syrians, East Indians, Chinese and Filipinos living in this country, who toil endlessly with a determination and dedication that puts our people to shame. They are punctual, hard working, ambitious and obedient. They are a credit to any enterprise or organization.

In view of the following, I ask that the government develop a migrant worker policy to ensure a steady supply of responsible workers to fill this void and maybe go a step further and export these idle locals to another jurisdiction.

John Wilson