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There is nothing to fear


Fri, Mar 23. 2012

Editor: Though we use our minds every day, it is the most underutilized part of us. To be honest, it is not part of our body, but it is part of us. It comes about from the energy of our brain cells acting in unison.{{more}} It causes us to use energy, but it also emits tremendous amount of energy. Just like the rest of our body, the mind needs to exercise and be nourished. It is for this reason I always emphasize the importance of mind training. I always believe that mind power training and its importance must be taught in schools. If this is not done, we would have a nation of mentally weak individuals with very little intuitive skills, as we have today.

Nothing in this world weakens your mind like fear, and religion is the biggest source of fear. In fact, religion is based on fear. You are told that if you do not comply with the wishes of God there would disastrous consequences in the afterlife. Most of us look forward to being with God after death if that is possible at all. The question is, what is there to fear? We are being misled into believing that a lake of fire awaits those who do not live a life that is pleasing to God. I would assume that a life that is pleasing to God would also be pleasing to mankind. As far as I know, fire is physical but your afterlife is spiritual. Hence, how can something that is physical cause pain and suffering to something that is spiritual? It is your physical attributes that cause you to feel. Maybe this is a spiritual fire, whatever that is.

In the Bible, we are told that when one dies, all of his or her thoughts perish. If your thoughts are gone, you cannot remember who you were and what you are being punished for. Of course, some may tell me that I will regain my thoughts in order to be punished, but I would subscribe to none of this.

We are told to fear God, but I am saying that we must not fear God, but love God. If we are told to fear the power of God, neither that should we fear for the power of God is there for us to utilize. So, let not your heart be troubled for there is nothing to fear.